Sagicor Iconic award

The Sagicor Iconic Award is presented to a person or entity which has in the opinion of the RJR Sports Foundation Board delivered performances on the field of play or as an administrator / official or support person or a combination of the aforesaid, of the very highest level over a significant period of time.† The recipient should be globally recognized in their field of endeavour and be an unquestioned role model for all Jamaicans.† The stature of the person on the international stage must be matched by the prestige they are granted here in Jamaica.† While the recipient need not be a household name in Jamaica, he or she should be acknowledged by all who know him or her as a contributor of the very highest value.

†Having received any other National Sportsman & Sportswoman of the Year award, including the Chairmanís award, or Lifetime Achievement Award, does not disqualify any candidate for the Iconic Award, nor does present or past service on the Board of the RJR Sports Foundation or any of its predecessors.† While those with prolonged service may be more obviously qualified for the award (as per our second recipient, Glen Mills), outstanding global achievement over a relatively short period of time could also qualify a candidate, as was the case with our inaugural recipient, the Hon. Usain St Leo Bolt, OJ.